J1- Quelle journée !

Une journée de vol incroyable, les plafonds à 4000m et de vol dans tous les sens.
Stanley Carron survole toutes les cabanes en un jour, Alexandre Caillet-Bois travers la vallée du Rhône et tente le bonus Eiger, mais doit faire demi-tour, plafonds trop bas sur Berne, mais il déclare 100pts xcontest !

Classement provisoire

The first day of the Vercofly started at 8 a.m. at Vercorin, where we all met. In this years edition there are 42 participants from 9 different countries and 4 women. Then we took the cable car to the Crêt du midi. Once arrived there there was a breakfast served for all the pilots. Together with the coffee and croissant the plans for the day were done.  After the breakfast the briefing with the race rules and the meteo was held. Then finally at 11 o’clock the race started. The fastest pilots pushed in less than 25minutes from cret du midi to the takeoff close to La Brenta, where they took off just a few moments later. The thermals already worked well and the pilots managed to climb up to cloudbase. Once in the air the pilots split into 2 groups. One half went to Val d‘ Anniviers to collect the huts. The other half went to Val d’Hérens to collect the huts there. Most of the pilots managed to visit around 4 huts and had flights climbing up to as high as 4000m. One brave pilot even tried to catch the Bonus Eiger+, which requires to take a selfie in front of the Eiger North Face over Grindelwald. He managed to climb up to an altitude of 3500meters AMSL over the Plaine Morte/Wildstrubel Region and cross the main ridge of the alps. Due to heavy north wind and low cloud base he turned in the region of Lenk back to the Valais and still managed to arrive in the hut Becs de Bosson – next time your plan will work out, Alexandre Caillet-Bois. 😉

In the adventure category the pilots could take it a bit easier and had more turnpoints to cover. They are not required to land at the huts but have many more turnpoints to cover. There have been many « gateaux forets-noirs » eaten and many pilots could collect the selfie bonus by taking a photo standing in nice mountain lakes.

Around 25 Pilots arrived in the evening in the hut of Becs de Bosson for a nice dinner and to catch the bonus Becs de Bosson, which requires to sleep in the hut Becs de bosson thursday night. The hut is nicely located at 2983m and embedded by great mountains with super views.

Day 1 of Vercofly ended very successful and many happy pilots were found at the hut.

Friday looks a bit less promising than Thursday – but still good flying conditions are forecasted with moderate westerly winds and during the afternoon some thunderstorms are expected.

So tomorrow it will again get very interesting in terms of flying and walking and we are looking forward to see our pilots flying. Stay tuned!